Clean oil is needed for the longevity and good performance of your engine. Thru the engine's lubrication system, oil is properly distributed throughout the engine system, from internal working parts to highly stressed bearings. The oil is responsible for the lubrication, cleaning, and cooling of the engine's high-precision parts. Its absence can mean total failure to the engine system. This is the main reason why the engine can smoothly run with less pressure and better wear protection. In order to be effective, the oil must be free from all sorts of corruptive elements which can bring harm to the engine. And this can be achieved thru the implementation of the Volkswagen oil filter.

The Volkswagen oil filter is an important device that decontaminates the oil. It has the capacity to trap all unwanted particles such as dirt, rust, metal shavings, and all other contaminants contained in the oil. It is a detachable unit due to the need for regular replacements. It is specifically mounted on the side of the engine block. As the oil is pumped through the lubrication system, it flows to the oil filter for cleaning and then the clean oil is allowed to freely circulate in the engine. Unfiltered oil may contain several types of contaminants that if allowed to enter the engine, can pose grave harm as well as rapid wear to some vulnerable parts.

Typical oil filters are made from high-strength steel canister which is packed by several filtering media. It may be equipped with an anti-drainback valve that restricts the oil from flowing out of the filter when the engine is off. This valve also plays an important role for providing extra protection to the engine. This works by retaining a tiny fraction of oil in the filter while the engine is at rest. This is because, when the engine is not running all the oil flows down at the bottom of the engine, leaving all engine parts with insufficient lubrication when the vehicle has to be started again. Fortunately, with the use of the anti-drainback valve, proper lubrication is quickly restored since the tiny amount of oil in the oil filter is automatically circulated as the vehicle is started.

The Volkswagen oil filter should be replaced at regular service intervals, approximately within 3,000 miles or 4,828 km of distance traveled. Since it does the job of continuously trapping all particulates, over time, it can become clogged and saturated and will restrict oil flow. You can easily get reliable Volkswagen oil filter here at Parts Train. By browsing our user-friendly online catalog, you can surely find the exact equipment available for your model.