The filtration of the oil in the engine is important for increasing its longevity, performance and efficiency. For this reason that the Toyota oil filter is designed to do the job of decontaminating the oil by screening out suspended impurities. This is part of your Toyota's lubrication system that sifts out harmful particulates such as dirt, metal shavings, rust, and all other substances contained in the engine oil. It is usually a detachable unit, which is replaced at required regular replacement intervals. This is mounted on the side of the engine block.

The oil has the critical function of maintaining the life of the engine and its internal working parts. It provides them constant lubrication, cleaning, and cooling, preventing rapid wear and pressure to all internal engine parts. By keeping clean oil inside the engine system, peak engine performance is achieved. As the oil is circulated through the engine via the oil pump, oil passes first to the Toyota oil filter, where unwanted particles and contaminants are trapped and removed. This protects the engine from grave damage that can cause possible engine anomalies.

Usually oil filters are equipped with a device called the anti-drainback valve that preserves a tiny fraction of oil when the engine is turned off. When the engine is at rest, the oil drips down at the bottom of the engine, leaving all internal engine parts without sufficient lubrication it needs when the vehicle has to be started again. Good thing that sufficient lubrication is restored by the anti-drainback valve which is responsible for retaining small amount oil in the oil filter where it can be quickly circulated into the engine after the vehicle is started.

Have your oil filter changed at recommended service intervals to always ensure that clean oil is being consumed in your engine. The standard interval is usually after 3,000 miles or 4,828 km distance traveled. Since the oil filter does the job of continuously blocking particles, over time it can become clogged and will no longer be able to screen out all contaminants. This can cause harm to the engine and if left neglected, rapid wear and damage to the engine will prevail.

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