The engine oil is the prime responsible for preserving the life and efficiency of all engine parts and mechanisms. Clean and pure oil means longer life for your engine as well as its internal parts. It efficiently works by constantly providing sufficient lubrication, cleaning, and cooling of the entire engine system, allowing it to smoothly operate and free all integral parts from premature wear. In order to have better oil quality, the Scion oil filter must be equipped. It takes the job of screening out all contaminants and particulates contained in the oil. It ensures that pure and clean oil is circulated all throughout the system. It is the key component in safeguarding your vehicle's engine allowing it to always perform at its peak.

The Scion oil filter is mounted at the side of the engine block. When the oil pump forces the oil, it is routed first into the oil filter. The oil filter will do its task of trapping all sorts of contaminants such as metal shavings, dirt, and even coolant that can cause harm to the entire engine system. All these particles when left unrestricted to circulate in the system will result to excessive wear in all internal parts and eventually will cause total engine failure. That is why, oil filters are designed to keep you engine always running and allow it to produce more power, increased fuel mileage, and better emissions. With this equipped in your vehicle, you are guaranteed to have clean oil being distributed in the system which can greatly boost your engine performance.

The Scion oil filter must be changed together with the oil every 3,000 miles of travel or 6 months of use. This is recommended since the oil filter can become saturated with contaminants due to its constant trapping of all unwanted particulates every time that your engine is running. When left unchanged, trapped debris contained in the filter can obstruct oil flow and thus, it would no longer be able to efficiently filter the oil. Grave problems can be posed by a clogged oil filter so it is just right to follow its periodic replacement.

The Scion oil filter is made to directly replace your defective OEM filter. It is precision engineered to fit and work perfectly on your stock parts. This is the best restoration part since it can work more efficiently than your original oil filter. This is guaranteed to be made from highly durable and reliable filtering materials, so optimal oil filtering is provided.

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