A damaged oil filter may cause lots of troubles and all of them can lead to serious engine damage which can be so much pricey to fix. Many times a bad Saturn L200 oil filter stops working without any clue about its state; thanks to some telltale symptoms, which somehow alerts you as soon as your factory-installed component already requires replacement.

It is possible to suspect that there is something not right with your oil filter when you observe overheating, oil leak, and check engine light. Saturn L200 oil filters are built with a basic safety function allowing oil that isn't filtered to enter the engine because it is still more beneficial than having no oil at all for engine lubrication. You should not let your engine be lubricated using unfiltered oil for a long period since sediments may pile up in the parts of the engine and heat conductivity could be hindered by deposits of mineral, so overheating happens. Replacing the oil filter in your Saturn L200 every 3 months or every 3,000 miles is important if you don't like your engine to get damaged too early. One way to prevent clogging or early oil filter wear out is to use the sort and volume of motor oil that's stated in the car repair manual because that is exactly what the manufacturer requires.

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