One way to stay away from pricey vehicle repairs is to be sure the vehicle's oil filter is constantly in excellent operating state as a defective item can result in troubles which cause extreme damage in your engine. Even though a clogged or faulty Porsche 914 oil filter oftentimes stops working without giving a hint, you can think about some telltale indicators revealing when it's right time that you replace your factory-installed part.

You may think that something's not right in your oil filter when you notice overheating, oil leak, and check engine light. Porsche 914 oil filters are made with a defense characteristic which allows even unfiltered oil to enter the engine because it is still more advantageous than getting no oil at all to lubricate the engine. You shouldn't let your engine be lubricated with unfiltered oil for a long time because sediments may accumulate in engine parts and heat transfer may be obstructed by build up of mineral, so the engine gets too hot. Replacing the oil filter in your Porsche 914 every 3 months or after running for 3,000 miles is vital if you don't like your engine to stop working too early. To avoid early clogging and deterioration on your oil filter, it is wise to use the specific weight motor oil given by the company; this fact are found in the owner's manual.

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