In order for a vehicle like your Pontiac to run smoothly and efficiently, clean air, fuel and oil must run on the system. With this great need for clean air, fuel and oil auto manufacturers are making every possible way to produce filters which in one way or another can help achieve this. With good filters equipped on your vehicle, it is not only the performance of the engine which will be improved but the longevity of its service as well. Among the filters employed on your Pontiac vehicle, the Pontiac oil filter's function is definitely essential for your vehicle.

Basically mounted at the side of your vehicle's engine block, the Pontiac oil filter is considered to be one of the key components in upholding the efficiency of your vehicle's engine. Its chief function is to sift any particles or contaminants that are mixed with oil so as not to act as hazards as the oil re-circulates. Typically contained on a steel can, Pontiac oil filter is cellulose or a synthetic media component. Its front contains threaded center with surrounding holes. As the motor oil makes its way through these holes, it then passes through the media, where it exits right through the threaded center.

Aside from ensuring the purity of oil utilized by the engine and other engine components, the Pontiac oil filter also safeguards the engine by preserving a little amount of oil as the engine is at rest. However without the device known as the anti-drain back valve, it would not be possible to do this. Because of the oil-drain back valve, the oil is drained at the bottom of the engine while it is at rest, leaving an ample amount of oil for lubrication to some of the moving parts on the top of your engine as the engine is restarted. However just like other essential auto parts, the efficiency of the Pontiac oil filter including the oil-drain back valve depends heavily on how well you maintain them. As what is advised by professional auto mechanic and what is stated on repair manuals, oil filters get clogged after 3,000 miles of travel. However, if you will replace it ahead of time though it seems not to be defective, your engine's safety and efficiency will greatly be ensured.

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