A good way to avoid pricey vehicle repairs is to be sure the vehicle's oil filter is often in great working condition since a malfunctioning unit can result in problems which cause severe damage in your engine. Oftentimes, a faulty Oldsmobile Intrigue oil filter shows no sign at all, but you can rely on some telltale indications reminding you the moment it begins to operate beneath ideal level and when it deserves replacement.

Included in the signs which will alert you concerning the oil filter's failing situation are engine that's getting too hot, check engine light, and oil leakage. Oldsmobile Intrigue oil filters are designed with a defense function allowing even unfiltered oil to get into the engine since it is still more favorable than using no oil at all for engine lubrication. If the engine keeps going using contaminated oil, sediments will accumulate in your engine components; deposits of minerals can also stop heat conductivity, causing engine overheating. Changing the oil filter in your Oldsmobile Intrigue must be accomplished frequently to guarantee long service life. A good way to prevent clogging or premature oil filter damage is to make use of the kind and quantity of motor oil that's stated in your vehicle owner's manual because that's what your manufacturer calls for.

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