Mazda is a well-established Asian automaker based in Japan. It is also an affiliate of Ford Motors which owns 33.4% of it. Over time, Mazda automobiles have evolved into more advanced vehicles, in style and in performance. Since most of the components that you will find in your Mazda are constantly in motion, oil must be applied as lubricant. Oil is perfect as lubricant because it has a chemical compound which cannot be combined with water. And, the viscosity of oil is higher than that of water. These characteristics are perfect in sustaining the smooth operation of the moving parts. Even so, as the oil circulates throughout the lubrication system, particles are carried. These particles should be sieved using the oil filter. The oil filter sifts dirt and other unwanted particles and keep them from contaminating the oil. The Mazda oil filter should be replaced every 4,828 km (3,000 miles).
Oil is an effective lubricant if it is free from dirt. What the oil filter does is sift the dirt carried by the oil. Dirt cannot be prevented because as the oil routes its way to different components, most of the particles such as the ones clinging on the walls of the passages are carried. If there is no oil filter installed in your Mazda, these particles will build up sooner or later. And if the dirt builds up, the operation of the involved parts will be endangered. Clogging among the major oil channels will result to inadequate oil supply. The worst thing that might happen is the destruction of the lubricated parts due to the increase of friction triggered by constant motion and lack of lubrication.
Mazda oil filters are particularly designed to last for a long time. Still, always remember to regularly inspect the condition of the oil filter to ensure adequate supply of dirt-free oil. Any kind of damage found in the filter will reduce its adeptness in sifting dirt. Oil is a necessity in your vehicle. It sustains the smooth and efficient performance of the involved components. If not for the oil, friction will end the optimal operation of the various parts, which will lead to expensive replacements. All thanks to the oil, this problem is averted. In order to sustain the oil's efficiency, the oil filter sifts dirt and leaves the oil cleaner and more efficient.
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