A bad oil filter can bring about lots of issues and each of them can result in serious engine damage which is so much expensive to repair. There are times when a defective Lincoln Continental oil filter stops working without having a sign about its condition; thanks to several telltale signals, which somewhat warns you whenever your stock already requires replacement.

You may suspect that something's bad with your oil filter once you observe engine overheating, oil leaks, and check engine light. Since enabling an unfiltered oil to flow throughout the engine is still more advantageous as compared to no oil whatsoever, Lincoln Continental oil filters are offered with such feature. You should not let your engine be lubricated by dirty oil for a long time since sediments may accumulate in engine parts and conductivity of heat may be blocked by build up of mineral, so overheating happens. Replacing the old oil filter in your Lincoln Continental every three months or every 3,000 miles is vital if you don't like your engine to get damaged too early. To avoid premature blocking and deterioration on the oil filter, it's smart to use the exact weight motor oil given by the company; this fact are found in the car repair manual.

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