There are actually different problems which could come up if your oil filter has gone bad and they can result in head aches when they trigger engine damage that necessitate expensive fix. There are times when a defective Kia Optima oil filter breaks down without any sign concerning its shape; thankfully, a number of telltale signals, which in some way alerts you whenever your stock part already needs replacement.

Included in the clues which will alert you about the oil filter's failing situation are engine overheating, check engine light, and oil leakage. Auto part manufacturers understand that it's more advantageous to allow unfiltered oil in the engine rather than no oil at all so they make certain almost all Kia Optima oil filters are made with such safety characteristic. In case the engine keeps going using dirty oil, sediments will accumulate on the engine parts; build ups of minerals can also block heat conductivity, resulting in overheating engine. Servicing the oil filter in your Kia Optima has to be carried out on a regular basis to guarantee long life. In your owner's manual, you can find the precise motor oil that's suited to your engine; it is smart that you apply that precise sort of fluid to avoid oil filter clogging and problems.

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