The efficiency of your engine working mechanisms is maintained by the vehicle's oiling system. Automotive oiling system uses a durable Jeep oil filter in cleaning oil off metal shavings and all unnecessary elements right before it is circulated to your engine camshaft, its rotating bearings, sliding piston, and rocker arm. Your oil filter is located inside the sump where it can immediately strain oil when the vehicle engine is started and right before this hydraulic lubricant is pressurized by your pump.

Car oil filters like your Jeep oil filter are typically produced from oil bath or pleated paper material. If you are equipped with a paper filter, it needs to be serviced frequently or you can choose to upgrade. Oil bath filters, conversely, lasts longer; though, this type of filters are more expensive. There are also numerous design for an oil filter: mechanical, cartridge or spin-on, magnetic, sedimentation, centrifugal, and high efficiency. As time passes, and because of the tough task, your filter is going to eventually become futile to perform its function.

As for the Jeep oil filter, its life span works for for about 12 months. You can choose to follow its predetermined life span or perform regular service on it to be assured of the engine parts' performance. Once maintenance time comes, Hastings, Beck Arnley, and Fram are options we can offer you at Parts Train! Contact us now through our site's 24/7 toll-free line.