If you allow unfiltered and unscreened oil to enter your Jaguar engine, chances are something unpleasant will happen to your auto. There will likely be a significant decline in performance, or perhaps something might go wrong with the engine. It is for this special reason that there is a need to screen the oil coming in, and what better way to do this job than with the help of the Jaguar oil filter. What the oil filter does is to sift the contaminants out of the oil, thus allowing the oil to flow through the engine unrestricted and clean. The moment your Jaguar oil filter gets clogged because of a number of contaminants and foreign matters, the oil will then flow around the filter.

The typical oil filter for your vehicle may be composed of a high strength steel housing that will contain various types of filtering media. Every oil filter out in the market has an anti-drain back valve that can effectively prevent the oil from running out of the filter when the engine is turned off. Most of the oil filters nowadays will also have a convenient spin-on design that will make their removal and installation easy.

Thanks to the advancement in automotive technology and the development of the oil filters, vehicles today need not change oil very often. During the time when oil filters were still not in use, along with the low standards to which the lubricating oil is refined, automobiles usually had to change oil every 500 or 1000 miles. Now, thanks to the use of oil filters, there is no need to change oil at close intervals anymore.

For a better performance of the oil filter and for a better engine efficiency of your auto, it is but proper to maintain the part properly. As a rule, you can have the oil filter changed every 3000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. The advancements in automotive technology have made oil filters more efficient and more reliable. However, you must know that oil filters can also pose problems to the environment when disposed improperly. There is a need for a safe disposal of used oil filters since they may contain lead and other harmful contaminants. Responsible disposal of these filters is the only way possible to address the issue. As a whole, oil filters are a great addition to your auto, so waste no time and get your new Jaguar oil filter from Parts Train to ensure clean and contaminant-free oil in your engine.