Back in the days when the use of the automotive oil filter was not yet in full swing, automobiles were subjected to oil changes every now and then, sometimes every other 500 or 1000 miles depending on the manufacturers. Thanks to the advances in automotive technology, these vehicles, your Isuzu model included, have benefited much from the oil filters. Your Isuzu oil filter is one device that helps filter the oil circulated around the various parts of your Isuzu in order to ensure that it will be clean for an effective lubrication of these components.

A vehicle's oil filter is usually located at the side of the engine block, which is at the lower and larger side of your Isuzu engine. An oil pump will circulate the oil throughout the engine. Everytime it will circulate, the oil will pass through the oil filter and the oil filter will start to perform its role in the system. This accessory protects the engine by catching any particle floating within the oil. Dirt and other foreign matters can damage the engine if they are allowed to circulate freely, so the filter guarantees that they are kept out.

Every oil filter serves a dual purpose in automobiles. Aside form filtering, it also protects the engine by retaining a small amount of oil when the auto is turned off or not running. There is a special part within the oil filter that performs this specific function - the anti drain back valve. When the engine is at rest, the oil will drain into its bottom, leaving the other moving parts at the top of the engine without the proper lubrication that they need when your vehicle is about to start again. But then, the small amount of oil that remains in the oil filter will then circulate quickly into the top of the engine during the first few seconds after your auto is started, thus restoring the proper lubrication as soon as possible. This is how important the oil filter is, so it is but proper that the right maintenance should be accorded to the said part.

Do take note that the oil filter should be changed every 3000 miles or about three months, or whichever comes first. It is also recommended that once the part is clogged, you should have it replaced so that the proper performance of your Isuzu engine will continue in its most efficient. For your Isuzu oil filter and Isuzu parts and accessories needs, turn to Parts Train. Parts Train is an online auto shop which you can visit anytime for all your automotive needs.