An oil filter such as the Infiniti oil filter is a very important component of the engine system. Its main function is to remove dirt and other impurities from oil before the oil enters the engine block. It is basically a cylindrical structure that is comprised by a paper filtering medium, a porous metal canister, and a metal or plastic housing that has pressure valves. The paper filtering medium is typically folded in certain ways to maximize surface area for more effective trapping of dirt and absorption of impurities. If the surface area of the filtering medium is greater, it also has greater capacity to filter dirt and impurities. The porous metal canister, on the other hand, serves as structural support for the filtering medium.

Pressure valves are typically found on the oil filter housing. These pressure valves regulate the pressure of the oil entering the oil filter. Without the oil pressure valves, the oil filter housing may rupture. The oil pressure sender or sensor is also typically attached to the housing of the oil filter. This oil pressure sender detects pressure fluctuations of the oil. Engine oil begins its circulation from the oil reservoir. It is drawn out by the oil pump, which is actually a simple centrifugal pump driven by a camshaft of the engine. As the vanes of the oil pump rotate, partial vacuum is created inside the oil pump. This partial vacuum allows atmospheric pressure to force the oil from the oil reservoir.

As the oil is drawn out from the oil reservoir, pressure valves on the oil reservoir also operate to let in air. This is to balance the air pressure inside the oil reservoir, preventing collapse due to atmospheric pressure. The oil then passes through the oil filter. Any impurities such as debris, dust, rust chips, and moisture are trapped or absorbed by the filtering medium but allows the oil to pass through. As the oil passes through the oil filter, the pressure is measured by the oil pressure sender. Oil pressure measurements are sent to the oil pressure gauge as electrical signal. Then, the oil enters the engine block, lubricating the valves and pistons.

However, the oil does not only serve as lubricant for the engine moving parts. It also serves as cleaning fluid for the internal parts of the engine. As engine oil circulates the engine block, it picks up dirt and impurities such as rust and combustion residues on the walls of the combustion chambers and on the surface of the valves and pistons. If you are looking for high quality aftermarket oil filter, Parts Train is the online store that can provide you with what you need.