An oil filter such as the Hummer oil filter is a crucial part of the engine system. The engine will not properly function without the oil filter. Basically, the oil filter prevents dirt, moisture and other impurities from mixing with the engine oil. Dirty engine oil that is allowed to circulate inside the engine is detrimental to the engine. If dirty oil is allowed to circulate, it will only cause the further accumulation of contaminants within the engine. Eventually, the dirty engine oil can cause the clogging and ruin the internal moving parts of the engine. An oil filter oil filter is typically comprised of a filtering medium, folded in such a manner that optimizes the surface area; a porous canister, which is an enclosure and structural protection of the filtering medium; and a cylindrical container constructed out of metal or plastic.

Before the engine oil enters the engine block, it first passes through the oil filter. The filtering medium screens out any dirt, impurities or moisture. Impurities are trapped by the filtering medium. However, the filtering medium still has its limits. It can eventually deteriorate due to the continuous filtering. Hence, the filtering medium must be periodically replaced. If it is not periodically replaced, dirt will accumulate in the engine oil. Dirty oil is one of the primary causes of early engine deterioration. Corrosion and the clogging of the valves, pistons and walls of the combustion chambers can be caused by dirty engine oil. This will drastically affect combustion efficiency.

During the early development of automobiles, oil filters were not parts of the standard features of an automobile. The engine oil easily accumulated dirt within a short period of the combustion cycle. As consequence, the early models of automobiles were prone to engine breakdown due to overheating and clogging. It was necessary to frequently change the engine oil as well as some engine parts. Hence, car maintenance was unreasonably expensive. When oil filter was introduced as a standard component, the cost of automobile maintenance became more affordable.

Maintaining optimal engine performance requires clean engine oil. Engine parts can be potentially damaged by unfiltered oil containing impurities. The internal moving parts of the automobile engine are susceptible to dirt. Hydrocarbon residues, rust, moisture and debris can cause the clogging of the valves and pistons. Since dirty oil cannot effectively remove dirt, the engine may eventually breakdown. Hence, the oil filter is very significant in optimizing engine performance by removing engine dirt. If you are looking for reliable oil filter, look no farther. Parts Train is a one stop shop for high quality automotive parts, including oil filters.