A bad oil filter can bring about many problems and each of them can lead to extreme engine damage which happens to be very pricey to repair. There are times when a poor Honda Civic oil filter stops working without having a clue regarding its shape; thankfully, a number of telltale signs, which in some way notifies you as soon as your stock part already needs replacement.

You may suspect that something is wrong with your oil filter when you see engine overheating, oil leaks, and check engine light. Auto part manufacturers understand that it is better to have unfiltered oil within the engine rather than no oil at all so they make certain almost all Honda Civic oil filters are created with this safety feature. You could anticipate engine overheating if you ever remain on operating your engine employing unclean oil because sediments willmore likely accumulate on the different parts of your engine and when there are mineral deposits, conductivity of heat is inhibited. Changing the oil filter in your Honda Civic every three months or every 3,000 miles is important if you don't like your engine to give up on you too early. One way to prevent clogging or untimely oil filter damage is to use the type and amount of motor oil that's suggested within the vehicle owner's manual because that's what the manufacturer demands.

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