Oil filters such as the GMC oil filter are important component of the engine. The engine will not properly function without the oil filter. Basically, the oil filter prevents dirt, moisture and other impurities from mixing with the engine oil. Dirty engine oil that is allowed to circulate inside the engine is detrimental to the engine. Dirty oil will only cause the accumulation of contaminants within the engine, which could clogged and eventually ruin the moving parts of the engine. Generally, the oil filter is comprised of a filtering medium, folded in such away to increase the surface area; a porous canister, which encloses and protects the filtering medium; and a cylindrical metal or plastic container.

The engine oil first passes through the oil filter before it enters the engine block. Any dirt, impurities or moisture is screened by the filtering medium. The impurities are trapped on the surface of the filtering medium. Nonetheless, the filtering medium has its limits. It can only take certain amount of dirt before it begins to be ineffective in cleaning the engine oil. Hence, it should be periodically replaced. One of the primary causes of the early deterioration of the engine is dirty oil. Dirty oil can cause the corrosion of pistons and the clogging of the valves. On the other hand, the accumulation of combustion residues will greatly reduce the efficiency of the engine.

Early models of the automobiles did not feature oil filter as standard component of the engine design. Dirt easily accumulated in the engine oil. Consequently, this resulted in many problems, which included periodic engine breakdown. It necessitated in the periodic cleaning of the engine. Maintaining the car also required that the oil be replaced more often, which was very costly. It was only when oil filter was introduced as a standard component that the cost of maintaining an automobile became a bit more affordable.

The oil filter is necessary in maintaining optimal engine performance. Unfiltered oil contains impurities that can potentially damage the engine parts. The pistons and valves are particularly sensitive to dirt. Residues and debris may accumulate causing the clogging of the valves and deterioration of the pistons to deteriorate. Dirty engine oil cannot efficiently clean the combustion chambers. If dirt is allowed to accumulate inside the combustion chambers, the efficiency of combustion can be drastically affected. If you are looking for an industry standard oil filter, you can conveniently find it here at Parts Train. We offer the best aftermarket oil filters for every type of vehicle.