Oil filters such as the Geo oil filter are crucial component of the engine. Without the oil filter, the engine will not properly function. The main function of the oil filter is to prevent dirt, moisture and impurities from mixing with the engine oil before the engine oil circulates within the engine. An oil filter is comprised of a filtering medium, typically a paper filter folded in such away to increase the surface area; a porous canister, which encloses and protects the filtering medium; and a cylindrical metal or plastic container with valves and hoses attached to it. Usually, the oil filter is located near the engine.

Before circulating within the engine, the engine oil first passes through the oil filter. Any debris, impurities or moisture is absorbed by the filtering medium. The filtering medium has porous structure that can trap the contaminants while allowing oil to pass through. However, the filtering medium has its limits. Hence, it should be periodically replaced to assure that it will efficiently filter the oil. Dirty oil will result in the early deterioration of the engine internal moving parts. The pistons might become corroded or deformed. On the other hand, the combustion chambers will also deteriorate because of the accumulated combustion residues. Consequently, the efficiency of combustion will also be drastically affected because of the impurities in the oil.

During the early development of the automobile, the oil filter was not yet a standard feature. Dirty oil was allowed to circulate inside the engine. This caused many problems, including periodic engine breakdown. It required that the engine be periodically cleaned. It also necessitated the often replacement of engine oil, which was costly. Hence, the oil filter importance can never be understated. The oil filter should not be taken for granted. Without the oil filter, the engine will be susceptible to periodic engine breakdown. Fuel combustion will also be totally inefficient and the engine oil needs to be often replaced.

Filtering the oil before entering the engine is necessary to maintain optimal engine performance. Unfiltered oil contains impurities that might damage the engine parts such as the pistons and valves. Impurities may accumulate clogging the valves and causing the pistons to deteriorate. Unclean engine oil cannot effectively remove the dirt inside the combustion chambers. If dirt is not removed, fuel combustion efficiency will be drastically affected. Here at Parts Train, we offer high quality automobile oil filters at very affordable price. Simply browse out online catalog to search for the specific oil filter that you need. Doing your shopping online is simple and convenient. You can in the convenience of your home. Put your order online and we will promptly deliver the product that you ordered.