There are various problems which could arise if your oil filter goes bad and they might result in head aches as they lead to engine damage that require costly restoration. Even though a plugged or defective Ford Ranchero oil filter often stops working without giving a hint, you can look at certain telltale signs advising when it's right period for you to replace your factory-installed part.

You may suspect that something is wrong in your oil filter if you notice engine getting too hot, oil leak, and check engine light. Since enabling an unfiltered oil to flow within the engine is still more beneficial compared to no oil by any means, Ford Ranchero oil filters are offered with the said feature. Should the engine remains working with contaminated oil, sediments will pile up on the engine parts; deposits of minerals may also prevent heat conductivity, leading to engine overheating. To have long engine life, it is essential that you replace the oil filter in your Ford Ranchero regularly, that's every three months or after every 3,000 miles. A good way to stop clogging or premature oil filter wear out is to make use of the kind and quantity of motor oil that's stated in the car repair manual because that is exactly what your manufacturer requires.

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