A damaged oil filter can bring about lots of issues and these can result in extreme engine damage which happens to be very much costly to repair. Although a blocked or damaged Ford F-500 oil filter often fails to function without leaving a hint, you can consider certain telltale signs revealing when it is already period that you replace your stock component.

It is possible to suspect that something's bad with the oil filter if you notice overheating, oil leakage, and check engine light. Since permitting an unfiltered oil to flow through the engine continues to be more helpful compared to no oil at all, Ford F-500 oil filters are supplied with the said feature. If the engine continues to operate employing dirty oil, sediments will build up on the engine parts; build ups of minerals could also block heat conductivity, causing overheating engine. Servicing the oil filter in your Ford F-500 must be done regularly to make sure long service life. To prevent untimely plugging up and wear on your oil filter, it is advisable to use the precise weight motor oil given by the company; this data are available in the owner's manual.

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