One method to avoid costly vehicle repairs would be to ensure your oil filter is always in great running state because a faulty product can result in issues which cause severe damage within your engine. Although a clogged or faulty Ford Edge oil filter sometimes breaks down without showing a hint, you can consider several telltale signs advising when it is already moment to replace your stock.

It is possible to suspect that something's not right with your oil filter once you see engine getting too hot, oil leaks, and check engine light. Ford Edge oil filters are made with a basic safety function that allows even dirty oil to get into the engine since it is still more favorable than getting no oil at all for engine lubrication. You must not let your engine be lubricated with dirty oil for a long period since sediments may pile up in engine parts and heat transfer may be blocked by build up of mineral, so engine overheating occurs. For extended engine life, it is essential that you simply replace the oil filter in your Ford Edge in regular intervals, which is every three months or after every 3,000 miles. To prevent untimely clogging and wear on your oil filter, it is wise to utilize the specific weight motor oil given by the manufacturer; this data are available in the vehicle owner's manual.

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