A bad oil filter can cause many troubles and each of them could lead to extreme engine damage which is so much costly to correct. While a blocked or faulty Ford Club oil filter oftentimes stops working without giving a clue, you can think about several telltale warning signs indicating when it's now high time that you replace your stock.

On the list of the signs which will alert you concerning the oil filter's faltering situation are engine overheating, check engine light, and oil leak. Ford Club oil filters are built with a basic safety function that allows oil that isn't filtered to get into the engine as it is still more advantageous than getting no oil at all for engine lubrication. You shouldn't allow your engine to be lubricated using contaminated oil for a long time because sediments may accumulate in the parts of the engine and heat transfer may be hindered by deposits of mineral, so overheating happens. Changing the oil filter in your Ford Club has to be done regularly to ensure long life. In the car owner's manual, you can find the precise motor oil that's suited to your engine; it is a must that you use that exact kind of fluid to stay away from oil filter blocking and deterioration.

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