Eagle oil filter is a simple device that screens impurities from the engine oil. Any impurities such as paint chips or rust that might be accidentally mixed with oil are detrimental to the efficient function of the engine. Oil circulates the engine block to minimize friction and heat generated by the moving parts. Unlike water coolant, the oil directly circulates inside the engine block, immersing the engine components such as the pistons and valves. These components need to be constantly immersed in lubricant when moving to prevent premature deterioration and engine breakdown. The metal surfaces that are in contact with other metal surfaces cause abrasive actions that deform the surfaces. No matter how polished these surfaces maybe, the periodic abrasive actions will cause eventual deterioration.

Engine deterioration is inevitable but it can be minimized by the use of oil lubricants. The lifespan of the engine can be significantly extended if oil lubricant is present. Oil lubricant minimizes friction that causes abrasive action. A surface might be in contact with another surface, but they can slide more freely because of lubricants. Lubricants allow two surfaces to glide almost effortlessly. However, friction is perpetually present. Friction is only minimized. When an impurity is present in the oil, it will result in the inefficient lubrication of surfaces.

For instance, if the oil that immerses the pistons carries impurities such as rust or debris, this may cause the pistons to increase its adhesion to the walls of the cylinders. Consequently, this will slow down the pistons. Hence, engine power loss is inevitable. Another detrimental result of an impurity entering the engine system would be the potential corrosion it may cause. Since the interior of the engine has minimal protective layer, a piece of rust chip may start the gradual deterioration of the interior. It is analogous to plaques forming in the blood vessels. It might be undetectable for quite some time, but when it manifests itself, it might already be too late for repair.

Oil filters like the Eagle oil filter are simple devices that resemble a can. An oil filter has a cylindrical body has a hole at the center where the oil hose or tube may pass through. Inside the oil filter can is the functional unit of the device. It is comprised of layered cardboard paper that is highly porous. Some filter design may use sand or silica as the filter medium. When oil enters the filter, impurities are left behind. Oil pressure must be at a certain level to achieve optimal result. Oil filters should be periodically cleaned or replaced. Here at Parts Train, you can find the best oil filter in the market today. We guarantee the quality of our oil filter products.