A damaged oil filter can bring about several issues and all of them can lead to serious engine damage which can be very pricey to fix. Although a clogged or faulty Dodge Viper oil filter oftentimes fails to function without leaving a clue, you can consider some telltale warning signs revealing when it's right moment that you replace your factory-installed part.

Among the signs that will inform you regarding the oil filter's faltering state are engine overheating, check engine light, and oil leaks. Automotive part producers understand that it really is more advantageous to have unfiltered oil in the engine rather than no oil at all so they ensure all Dodge Viper oil filters are made with this safety function. You could expect engine overheating if you ever keep on using your engine with unclean oil as sediments willmore probably build-up on the different components comprising your engine and when you'll notice mineral deposits, flow of heat will be restricted. Replacing the oil filter in your Dodge Viper every 3 months or after every 3,000 miles is vital if you don't like your engine to get damaged prematurely. To stop untimely plugging up and deterioration in your oil filter, it is wise to make use of the exact weight motor oil required by the manufacturer; this data can be found in the vehicle owner's manual.

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