A bad oil filter may cause many problems and each of them could lead to extreme engine damage which can be very pricey to repair. Oftentimes, a malfunctioning Dodge Nitro oil filter presents no clue at all, however there are telltale symptoms telling you when it begins to function under optimal level and when it requires replacement.

Once the engine frequently overheats or you observe oil leaks and also the check engine light switches on, those are indications that there could possibly be a trouble with your oil filter. Dodge Nitro oil filters are designed with a safety characteristic allowing even unfiltered oil to enter the engine as it is still more favorable than getting no oil at all for lubrication. If the engine keeps going using contaminated oil, sediments will build up in your engine parts; build ups of minerals may also prevent heat conductivity, leading to overheating engine. For longer engine life, it is crucial to replace the oil filter in your Dodge Nitro regularly, which is every 3 months or after every 3,000 miles. One way to prevent clogging or early oil filter deterioration is to utilize the kind and quantity of motor oil that's suggested in the owner's manual because that is what the manufacturer calls for.

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