A poor oil filter may cause several problems and all of them can result in serious engine damage which can be very much pricey to correct. At times, a defective Dodge Conquest oil filter shows no hint whatsoever, however you can base on some telltale signs reminding you when it sets out to function below ideal level and whenever it deserves replacement.

If the engine frequently overheats or you notice oil leaks and the check engine light activates, those are indications that there could be a trouble with your oil filter. Since permitting an unfiltered oil circulate throughout the engine is still more advantageous than no oil by any means, Dodge Conquest oil filters are provided with the said feature. You should not allow your engine to be lubricated using unfiltered oil for a long period since sediments may stack up in engine parts and heat conductivity may be obstructed by deposits of mineral, so overheating happens. Changing the oil filter in your Dodge Conquest should be done frequently to ensure longevity. In your car repair, you'll find the exact motor oil that's suitable for your engine; it is smart that you use that correct sort of fluid to avoid oil filter blocking and deterioration.

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