The Dodge oil filter is created to reduce the overall operational and maintenance cost associated with the contamination in your engine. It works by purifying the engine oil, removing all harmful contaminants and suspended impurities mixed with it before they can accumulate and pose serious problem to your vehicle. This is part of the lubrication system where oil is circulated throughout the engine in order to sustain the necessary lubrication, cooling, and cleaning of all its internal parts. With clean oil continuously distributed in your engine system, optimal wear protection is achieved.

The Dodge oil filter is a detachable unit due to its regular replacement needs. It efficiently decontaminates the oil, allowing it to flow freely clean through the engine system. It is mounted at the side of the engine block and serves as the key component in safeguarding your engine. Thru the oil pump, oil is forced and channeled through oil galleries, internal parts, and even to the most stressed bearings. But before it can reach the engine, it flows first through the oil filter, where it is strained and all unwanted particles are trapped and removed.

Typical oil filters are made from high-strength steel canister that is packed with several types of filtering media. An anti-drainback valve can be geared to restrict the oil from running out of the filter. This feature provides protection to the engine since it preserves a tiny fraction of oil in the oil filter when the engine is turned off. This means that proper and sufficient lubrication is maintained and restored quickly when the engine is started again.

As suspended contaminants build-up in the oil filter, its efficiency reduces and oil-flow is restricted. Since it has the job of trapping all unwanted particles, after a while, it can become clogged and thus, great risks are posed. That is why it requires regular replacement. Normally, oil filter is recommended to be changed within 3,000 miles or 3 months of use. And as long as its proper service intervals are followed, you can be protected from possible engine damage.

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