The key to maintaining your engine's longevity and maximum performance is by having clean oil and frequent oil changes. The role of the engine oil in your vehicle is to protect internal parts and provide sufficient lubrication against wear. Because it is continually circulating throughout the engine, after a while its quality can deteriorate due to environmental factors such as dust and particles like rust, metal shavings and chemicals from the combustion process such as condensation and even antifreeze. All these can cause rapid wear and serious engine failures to the engine and its internal parts if allowed to freely enter the engine. That is why the Daihatsu oil filter is implemented to trap and remove all unwanted debris and contaminants from the oil.

The Daihatsu oil filter is primarily employed to decontaminate oil that contains suspended impurities. It is a vital part of the engine's lubrication system and is usually a detachable unit due to its constant replacement needs. Mechanical designs use filtration elements that are made up of layers of media such as paper to efficiently trap harsh particulates, while typical oil filters comes as high-strength steel housing, packed with several filtering materials. An anti-drainback valve is usually geared in the oil filter that maintains a small amount of oil and prevents it from running out of the filter when the engine is not running. This is significantly useful in quick restoring proper lubrication when the engine is started again.

After a while, the oil filter becomes clogged and will no longer clean the oil and the risk posed by contaminants intensifies. Oil pressure is also affected due to a clogged filter. As an effect, fuel economy decreases and the danger of emissions increases along with potential engine malfunctions. That is why it is recommended to change the oil filter after 3000 miles or 3 months of use to prevent serious engine troubles. It is also best to change the oil filter whenever doing an oil change. This is your only protection for keeping the engine and its parts at their peak conditions.

The Daihatsu oil filter is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. This will directly replace your original filers and will provide you its high-performance filtering action. It is designed to fit on all Daihatsu models and provides easy installation.

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