The engine oil is the lifeblood of your engine system that constantly provides lubrication, cooling, and cleaning of all its internal working parts. It greatly reduces the manifestation of rapid wear, friction, and pressure, allowing the engine to operate smoothly at its peak and generate maximum power. In order to successfully achieve all these, the Daewoo oil filter is employed to do the job of efficiently removing all suspended impurities and abrasive particles in the oil thru straining process. This removes harmful contaminants that can cause extensive damage to the engine if allowed to freely enter and circulate throughout the system.

The Daewoo oil filter is mounted near the oil pump, at the side of the engine block. It serves as the prime protective device for the engine. Thru the lubrication system, oil is circulated and distributed by the oil pump, allowing it first to pass through the oil filter and then to high-precision parts. The oil filter will then trap harmful particles such as dirt, rust, metal fragments, and other debris that is mixed with the oil. Clean oil is then supplied and allowed to freely circulate throughout the system.

The Daewoo oil filter is a major part of the lubrication system by which it comes as detachable unit due to its frequent replacement needs. Mechanical designed oil filters implements filtration elements built from layers of media, usually paper, that will block various types of contaminants. But due to constant trapping of contaminants, the oil filter's efficiency declines and oil flow is restricted. That is why it is required to be replaced at regular service intervals to always ensure peak engine operations. However, other oil filters can be cleaned and reused many times, so it should nevertheless be cleaned at required periods.

Some oil filters are equipped with an anti-drain back valve that is responsible for preserving a tiny fraction of oil in the oil filter whenever the engine is turned off. This provides extra protection by allowing sufficient oil to be quickly restored and supply the needed lubrication to the engine's working parts when it is started again. Together with the oil filter, both promote maximum engine functionality.

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