The engine oil plays a critical role for the long life and staying power of your engine. It is the key responsible for preserving the engine's efficiency and all its internal working parts. Its main function is to provide sufficient lubrication, cleaning, and cooling of the entire engine system so that its can perform at its full potential, and giving you maximum power and endurance. Since the oil has a lot to do when it comes to the overall operations of your engine, its quality must nevertheless be ensured and this can be achieved with the implementation of the Chrysler oil filter. With this equipped in your vehicle, you can gain incremental benefits such as top road performance and optimal road mobility.

The Chrysler oil filter is an essential component mounted near the oil pump that removes all abrasive particles in the oil via straining process. It decontaminates the oil before it can completely flow freely through the engine system. It is made as a detachable unit because of its regular replacement needs. In your vehicle's lubrication system, oil is circulated via the oil pump from the sump and into oil galleries, high precision parts, and to the most stressed bearings. But before it could enter the engine, it passes first through the oil filter, where it is cleaned by trapping all suspended impurities contained in it like dirt, rust, metal fragments, and all other kinds of contamination. This way, pure and clean oil is able to circulate throughout the system.

Typical oil filters comes in a high-strength steel housing packed with various kinds or layers or filtering media. It may be geared with an anti-drainback valve that efficiently retains a small amount of oil in the oil filter when the engine is shut off. This way, proper lubrication to the engine parts is quickly restored when the engine is started again. Today, modern filters are made to have convenient spin-on designs, allowing an easy disconnection and installation process, so replacing it will never be a hassle.

Consult your owner's manual for your oil filter's proper replacement interval recommendations. Usually oil filters are changed after 3,000 miles or 3 months of usage. But also it is best to take into consideration your driving habits that might demand severe maintenance schedule.

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