Maintain your engine's life and performance with the Chevrolet oil filter. This is an important device that greatly contributes for the longevity and staying power of your engine. This works by decontaminating the engine oil by screening out all suspended impurities in it, making it pure and clean. The oil is the lifeblood of your engine that provides for its continuous lubrication, cooling, and cleaning of all its internal parts, allowing them to work smoothly with minimal pressure and optimal wear protection. This way you can benefit from your engine system's longer service and efficiency. For this reason, the need for high performance and reliable oil filter is needed to do the job of preserving the oil's quality and consistency.

The Chevrolet oil filer is part of the engine's lubrication system mounted on the side of the engine block. It is the key device that protects the engine from harmful and corruptive elements such as dirt, rust, contaminants, metal fragments, and all other oil debris. When all these elements are allowed to freely enter the engine system, rapid and excessive wear, as well as extensive engine damage can be incurred. With the oil filter, before the oil can pass through the engine, it first cleans it thru straining process. This way, all impurities are removed.

A typical oil filter is composed of a high strength steel canister containing several types of filtering media. It may be equipped with an anti-drain back valve that preserves a tiny fraction of oil in the oil filter, preventing it from flowing out when the engine is not running. This valve is created in order to quickly restore oil supply and proper lubrication when the engine has to be started again. There are various types of oil filter available in the market and any standard filter can do as long as it is maintained and changed at regular service intervals.

Regular service intervals are usually set after 3,000 miles or 4,828 km of distance traveled. This is necessary since after several uses, the filter can become clogged and saturated with all the contaminants. If not regularly changed, greater risks can be posed due to these contaminants as well as oil flow is restricted. For best results, you can check on your owner's manual and also consider your driving habit if it needs severe maintenances schedules.

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