During those times when vehicle were not equipped with an oil filter, car owners had to have oil changes so often that it became very costly and inconvenient. This was done in order to avoid early engine damage due to oil contaminants. Thanks to the fast and innovative car technology existing today; there are oil filters already to have maximum oxygen protection. For all you know, automotive oil is an indispensable vehicle component and is considered to be the lifeblood of the engine. And to improve the quality, performance, and lifespan of the engine, the oil must be pure and free form foreign, harmful particles. That is why oil filters are necessary components of every vehicle.

Your Buick oil filter is found at the side of the engine block in the lower, bigger part of the engine. The fuel pump circulates the oil through the engine, and the oil passes through the oil filter every time it circulates. It is the task of the oil filter to protect the engine by catching the large particles contained in the oil, which when allowed to enter can possibly damage the engine. Aside from this task, most car owners do not realize that the oil filter can also lubricate some of the moving parts of the engine. This is actually what happens. The oil actually drains into the bottom of the engine so the moving parts of the engine on top are left without enough lubrication which is necessary as the vehicle operates again.

Now, the oil filter is very useful in the sense that the little amount of oil left in it will circulate rapidly into the top of the engine at the first couple of seconds when the car is started, thus restoring adequate lubrication as early as possible. There are two types of air filters used in the vehicle world — the primary filter or the full-full filter and the secondary air filter or also known as the by-pass filter. Of these two, the commonly used by drivers are the full time filters. This is because in normal operation, hundred percent of the engine oil passes through them, although they allow passage of smaller particles since they must work without the introduction of a lot of restrictions to prevent oil from flowing into the engine during cold start-ups.

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