Car Oil Filters

You've got your creeper, your gloves, your hand tools, more than enough oil, and all the equipment you think you need to perform an oil change. Are you missing anything else? Don't forget to grab a brand new oil filter. The rest of the procedure and all those materials is just half the battle won. Without installing a new filter, your new oil won't last long, and you'll find yourself in that same situation again wondering what could've made that last batch short-lived.

Everyone knows that oil keeps your engine's parts lubricated, but that doesn't mean just any kind of oil will do. Just like a swimming pool has a filter or just like your car's transmission has its own as well, you need a car oil filter for your engine oil. This simple yet invaluable part is what keeps your oil as clean as possible while trapping contaminants. When this filter becomes loaded with sediments, it'll prevent your oil from flowing efficiently and begin to contaminate it. Impurities in your oil will eventually turn into sludge, which won't be able to lubricate your engine and could lead to multiple damaged parts.

Like any other component that works with your oil, an oil filter requires replacement with regular intervals. Your pan gaskets, pump, and all those other odds and ends will also need to be replaced when they're worn. All these components work together to keep your oil clean, sufficient, and in motion when your engine needs it. It's like a team working together. If one is left behind, then the whole operation is compromised.

If you're only looking to replace your filter by itself, that's a repair job that can take less than an hour. An oil change on the other hand would require significantly more time and could use the help of someone else. Do you need to hire a professional mechanic? That's up to you. If you want to save some cash and don't mind getting your hands dirty, we recommend simply visiting self-help websites such as Auto MD and doing it yourself. Just don't take any unnecessary shortcuts and you should be fine.

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