In case you are lucky enough, you won't have any demand to switch the oil drain plug gasket of your Audi S5 for quite a while. You will be doing a number of flushing and filling oil without changing the stock Audi S5 oil drain plug gasket.

There are circumstances, however, when you'll discover the gasket damaged - and there are many reasons these can happen. Installed between the oil reservoir in your Audi S5 and the plug that closes the pan, oil drain plug gaskets are developed to keep your engine's lubrication from leaking. The job of the oil drain plug gasket in your Audi S5 is tough, and it can readily yield to malfunction if it is not ready to cope with strain. Overtightening is one more reason behind damage on most oil drain plug gaskets, an issue which you could avoid only when you maintain the appropriate degree of torque in the said devices - too much and they are going to be squashed and become damage.

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