If you are really lucky, you might not encounter whatever demand to replace the oil drain plug gasket of your Audi Q5 for a long time. You'll be doing several oil changes all while re-using your original Audi Q5 oil drain plug gasket.

You will come across instances, though, when you'll see this component defective - and there are numerous reasons these could transpire. Installed in between the container of oil in your Audi Q5 and the oil plug that is attached to the pan, oil drain plug gaskets are designed to stop the oil in your car from seeping out. You'll discover that the work of the oil drain plug gasket in your Audi Q5 is challenging, and it is going to easily give in to breakdown in case it's not ready to handle pressure. Improper torquing is another common reason that triggers malfunction with oil drain plug gaskets, so you have to take added care in the course of the set up of such devices during every oil change.

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