Should you be really lucky, you won't have whatever necessity to switch the oil drain plug gasket in your Audi A4 for quite a while. You are going to be able to do multiple oil changes all while re-using your factory Audi A4 oil drain plug gasket.

There are instances, though, when you're going to find this part damaged - and there are many explanations why these could transpire. Fitted in the attachment point between the container of oil in your Audi A4 and the oil drain plug that is attached to the oil pan, oil drain plug gaskets are developed to keep oil from seeping out. Damage can occur in case you've got a weak oil drain plug gasket in your Audi A4, one that isn't furnished with the ability for enduring the consequences of its nasty surrounding environment. Over-tightening is an additional reason behind failure on many oil drain plug gaskets, something which you can prevent only if you maintain the appropriate amount of mounting force on the said parts - too much and they are going to be compressed and fail.

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