Car Oil Drain Plug Gaskets

The term "well-oiled machine" is most believable when used on an actual piece of machinery such as your engine. A properly lubricated engine simply performs better, and should see a longer lifespan down to its smallest components. This is why you do an oil change every now and then as part of your vehicle's routine maintenance. After doing this job, it's highly recommended that you have your oil drain plug gasket replaced. This should give you peace of mind that your fresh oil won't be wasted on a drain plug leak.

If you don't think replacing your drain plug gasket is completely necessary, then simply pay attention to just how worn your drain plug looks after the oil change. It doesn't look very reassuring, does it? Replacing this gasket should help you avoid probable leaks which frequently happen after a heavy oil change. This is quite an inexpensive bright idea, knowing that you get to eliminate that possibility of having annoying and costly oil leaks.

Most people will recommend that you change your oil after every 7,500 miles. That's not a bad number, but we suggest that you aim for the 6,000-mile mark. This is wise, since you'll avoid the liability of letting bad oil get inside your crankcase. That also means an earlier replacement of your oil drain plug gasket. Take note that this is a precautionary measure and you should only replace this after an oil change or when it begins to show signs of wear. If you failed to change your drain plug gasket the last time you had an oil change, then do examine it. You'll notice that it has developed scratches, cracks, dents, and has deformed to a state far from when it was brand new. If you've also detected a leak, then it's definitely time to start browsing replacement oil drain plug gaskets.

When you perform future oil changes, check your drain plug gasket's condition by wiping it dry and giving it a close look. If the gasket has deteriorated greatly before you believe it's due, then you may have been duped at purchasing one made from low-quality materials. Next time, try to get the crush style drain plug gaskets that offer much better sealing power. There are other high-quality choices out there, so feel free to explore your options. Just don't be cheap, since this is your oil and your engine's lubrication on the line.

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