Your internal combustion engine can produce a lot of heat, especially during combustion. If these are not dissipated properly, it could result to shorter engine life as well as lubricant breakdown. If you want to prevent this thing from happening, you must ensure that your Acura RL oil cooler hose is always in good working condition. This car component is a vital part of your transmission system that serves a vital role of providing your car with an extra thermal reserve so that it would be able to keep the heat down during periods of peak demand.

So how do your Acura RL oil cooer hose able to keep engine heat to a minimum? Actually, this transmission component channels the automatic transmission fluid or engine oil in and out of the oil cooler. It typically looks like plastic tubing that is often made out of a thermoplastic material or chlorinated polyethylene.

The location of oil cooler hose varies from vehicle to vehicle. Vehicles that do not have air conditioning usually have the oil cooler hose mounted in front of the radiator. However, your Acura RL may have this car component mounted in front of the air conditioning condenser since it has an AC system. But if your car has a relatively small space, you could mount the Acura RL oil cooler hose in a horizontal plane in the engine bay.

Under normal conditions, your Acura RL oil cooler hose can last for a period of 8 to 10 years. However, the service life of this transmission component can shorten due to some factors. The changing weather conditions can make your oil cooler warp and suffer early deterioration. Your driving habits as well as irregular check up are also factors in the wearing out of this car part.

A leaky oil cooler hose can bring much harm to your car. If you do not replace it right away, your transmission system components will definitely suffer. So it is highly advisable that you replace your Acura RL oil cooler hose with a new one at the first signs of wear and tear. Fret no more, because Parts Train offers a wide selection of car and truck parts and accessories. You can order from us online or by phone. Not only that, you can also order from as anytime and anywhere—even at the comforts of your own home or office! Our highly trained customer service representatives will surely process your orders in almost no time at all. We value customer service—that is why Parts Train is committed to provide you the best!