Once in a while, failing to turn on the engine is a good thing. Check out the transmission lever of your ride, your car's transmission lever. It's possible that it's on drive mode, and it is good to know that the Suzuki Forenza neutral safety switch is performing what it does perfectly.

Built with Suzuki Forenza neutral safety switch, most cars are safeguarded from mishaps while the engine. Wired to the car's ECU, opening and closing the car's starter relay is the job of the neutral safety switch. Electrical power coming from the car battery will not be able to run to the starter when the gearstick is on drive position; the said switch stops it from doing so. When on neutral position, this is when the car is ready to run without putting yourself in danger. Don't put your safety on the line when you are aware that your Suzuki Forenza neutral safety switch is not working properly. Go online to look for a replacement switch that comes from Parts Train right away.

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