It's great to know, from time to time, you are not able to start your car's engine. Have a look at your transmission lever. Linked to that part is the Kia Sorento neutral safety switch; it's your safety neutral switch's job when your ride is in drive position but doesn't start.

Installed with Kia Sorento neutral safety switch, most cars are protected from misfortunes when initially starting the car's engine. It closes and opens a starter relay in the ECU. On drive gear, the neutral safety switch is open, preventing electrical power to flow through. For your Kia Sorento, you can turn on the ignition switch only if the transmission lever is on neutral. Don't put your safety on the line when you know your Kia Sorento neutral safety switch is not working properly. To Kia Sorento sure that your car has a working safety neutral switch, get from Parts Train.

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