Once in a while, not being able to start the engine is good. Check out your transmission lever. Probably it is geared on drive mode, and it's good to know that your Jeep Wagoneer neutral safety switch does what it does properly.

To avoid accidentally accelerating or backing right after initally turning on the engine, modern ars are installed with the Jeep Wagoneer neutral safety switch. Linked to the car's electronic control unit, efficiently closing and opening the starter relay is the neutral safety switch's job. Electrical power coming from the car's battery won't be able to go to the starter motor when the gearstick is on drive position; the said part forbids the electric current from doing so. On neutral position, this is when the car is ready to run without putting yourself in danger. The Jeep Wagoneer neutral safety switch is playing a minor role but as the name tells, it was made to guard you even before driving your vehicle. Go online to look for a replacement switch that comes from Parts Train immediately.

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