It's great to know, at times, you're not able to start the engine. Before thinking of checking any problem close to your auto's engine, take a look at the transmission lever. It's possible that it's on drive mode, and its a relief to know that the Jeep Cj7 neutral safety switch is doing what it does perfectly.

Installed with Jeep Cj7 neutral safety switch, most cars are safeguarded from accidents when initially starting the engine. The safety neutral switch closes and opens a starter relay in the electronic circuit unit. Electrical energy originating from the car's battery will not be able to run to the starter motor on the drive position; the said switch prevents electricity from doing so. You should turn on the ignition switch only if the car's transmission lever is on neutral. The Jeep Cj7 neutral safety switch plays a minor role but based on the part's name, it was made to guard you before even driving your car. To make sure that your car has a working safety neutral switch, get from Parts Train.

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