There are various methods to tackle troubles with a neutral safety switch in your Jeep Cj6, but getting around the mentioned piece is not advised because this can present some sort of peril to your trips. Your Jeep Cj6 neutral safety switch is a unit built for security, and every problem on this component should be promptly resolved.

One part of an automated tranny, a neutral safety switch is created to prevent starter operation while the car is not in neutral or park - a protective unit which is going to prevent your automobile from racing away the instant you operate the part. Despite the fact that it is reliable, your Jeep Cj6 neutral safety switch can end up defective over the years, and one consequence is the incapacity of your car to be cranked. A single option out there will be to bypass the component, but neutral safety switches are extremely vital that their absence can mean all the distinction between a protected travel and a risky one.

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