It's great to know, sometimes, that that you are unable to start the engine. Check out the transmission lever of your ride, your car's transmission lever. Maybe it is on the drive position, and it's good to know your Jeep Cherokee neutral safety switch does its job efficiently.

Installed with Jeep Cherokee neutral safety switch, most modern-made models are protected from accidents while the car's engine. The said switch's job is to close or open the vehicle's starter relay in the electronic circuit unit. Electrical power originating from the battery of your car won't be able to run towards the starter motor on the drive position because the said switch prevents it from doing so. For your Jeep Cherokee, you can turn your car's engine on only if the gearstick is on neutral position. Don't even try starting your car when you are aware that your Jeep Cherokee neutral safety switch is malfunctioning. Go online to look for a replacement switch that comes from Parts Train immediately.

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