It's great to know, sometimes, that you are not able to start your car's engine. Before diagnosing anything that involves your car's engine, have a look at the transmission lever. Probably it's on drive mode, and it's good to know your Daewoo neutral safety switch does its job efficiently.

To avoid backing or accelerating right after initially running the motor, modern-day vehicles come with the Daewoo neutral safety switch. It closes and opens the starter relay in the ECU. Electrical energy originating from the car's battery won't be able to go towards the starter motor when the transmission lever is on drive mode; the said part stops it from doing so. For your Daewoo , you can turn your car's engine on only if the car's transmission lever is on neutral position. Don't even try starting your car when you are aware that your Daewoo neutral safety switch isn't working properly. Browse the web and look for that replacement neutral safety switch from Parts Train immediately.

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