At times, failing to start your auto's engine is a good thing. Take a look at the transmission lever of your ride, your car's transmission lever. Wired to it is the Bmw X5 neutral safety switch; it's that switch's work when your ride is is on the drive gear and not starting.

To avoid backing or accelerating immediately after initially running your car's engine, cars are equipped with the Bmw X5 neutral safety switch. The safety neutral switch closes and opens a starter relay in the ECU. Electrical energy coming from the battery of your car won't be able to run towards the starter motor when the gearstick is on drive position; the said switch prevents electricity from doing so. When on neutral, that's the only time the car is ready to run without putting yourself in danger. The Bmw X5 neutral safety switch plays a minor role but based on its name, it was made to keep you safe prior to driving your vehicle. To make sure that your car has a working safety neutral switch, get from Parts Train.

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