Car Neutral Safety Switchs

Starting up your engine doesn't usually take more than a couple of minutes, but if you still can't get it running after a few tries, then something's definitely amiss. You just filled up your gas tank, and you know for a fact that the ignition system is in great shape, so what could be wrong? Before you throw a fit and drag your mechanic out of bed, check your shifter first if it's in neutral. If not, and you're actually in gear, then your neutral safety switch is simply doing its job.

The purpose of this switch is actually in its name. It's all about safety. This serves as a precautionary device against accidentally starting the engine when the transmission's in gear. How does it work? Well, the switch simply opens and closes an electronic circuit in the starter relay. When the shifter is in drive position, this switch is opened. This breaks the starter circuit and keeps your car from cranking when in gear. When you finally shift into neutral, the switch closes the starter circuit and allows electrical current to flow to the starter relay. You'll then be able to crank the engine and start safely.

So, what can compromise this safety? There are a few reasons why neutral safety switchs break down. Most commonly, it's due to natural wear. The older your car gets, the easier and quicker this switch will deteriorate. It can also be forced out of proper adjustment due to excessive vibrations from the transmission system. When this happens, you'll have to move the shifter several times to get your engine running.

What's the bottom line? Neglecting a faulty neutral safety switch will only open the door for more problems in the future. Cranking the engine while the transmission's in gear can make your vehicle jerk forward or backward after engine startup, which can damage vital engine parts. So, spare yourself the trouble and replace this switch when necessary. You can even do the replacement job yourself! Just make sure to put the shifter in neutral during the procedure, tighten all bolts and tabs around the switch, and secure all the wiring.

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