Car Nerf Bars

Is your truck or SUV starting to look and feel like a bumper car from years of punishment? You don't have to make any overly expensive changes. Just clean up those scratches and dings that you've accumulated and your ride should look like new again. While you're at it, you should consider arming it with a set of brand new nerf bars from Parts Train. These add-ons also known as running boards will serve as your first line of defense against side collisions in the future.

Running boards are used on racecars, where they're very much needed to provide protection on the track. They also keep the vehicle's tires from getting damaged or misaligned. On trucks and high-clearance vehicles, they provide a step to facilitate entry and exit especially for children and elderly passengers. Due to this purpose, nerf barss have also been referred to as nerf step bars. On appearance alone, what makes this a terrific purchase is that it'll give your ride a muscular appearance with that stainless steel, chrome, or powder-coated black accent.

When it comes to installation, running boards are so easy to attach that it requires no expertise whatsoever. With most vehicles already having two body-mounted bolts on each side, even a startup do-it-yourselfer can pull this off with minimal work. Begin by unscrewing the bolts to mount the bracket of the new nerf bar. Make sure that you use rubber washers from the body mount bolts as cushions between the bracket and the vehicle body. Place the bracket in an outward position, install the bar to the bracket, and you're done!

Here at Parts Train, we have an extensive catalog of exterior accessories that includes tens of thousands of nerf bars from only the most trusted industry-leading manufacturers. With a variety of styles that range from performance bars to those that look like stock, you'll never run out of choices that'll complement your ride. If you're worried about specifications, just log in your vehicle details and we'll do the rest. We'll narrow down your coverage options to the right measurement to give you the perfect fit. All items are sold in sets of two and come with all necessary mounting hardware.

Your search for an external accessory that's low in cost and high in value ends here. Add an extra layer of defense to your truck or SUV while making boarding and alighting easier for you and your passengers. Car nerf bars aren't popular for these same reasons oppositely, since they're not as elevated, allow better peripheral vision, and are easier to swerve upon impact. But for a big ride such as yours, it's practically a requirement. For guaranteed rock-bottom prices, hassle-free shipping, and your ultimate satisfaction in product quality, order a set of heavy-duty nerf bars from Parts Train today!