The highly noticeable roar whenever you start the engine or while your car is running suggests that you've got a malfunctioning Volvo S60 muffler, probably caused by corrosion and exposure to the harsh substances. Be sure to examine the muffler of your Volvo S60 for burnt spots, chips, or whatever symptom of deterioration. See to it that all exhaust system parts are in tip-top condition to enjoy a a more efficient exhaust flow and to steer emissions away from the passenger compartment.

Aside from regulating exhaust tone coming from the car, the muffler of your Volvo S60 purges the gases so that exhaust gases will be less hazardous. The drawback to driving with a broken Volvo S60 muffler includes lower fuel mileage, so when you have to spend less on cash on gas, particularly with soaring fuel/gas costs, you will need to fix this. So you could extract better efficiency from your car and enjoy fuel efficiency and lower emissions, don't defer replacing the muffler of your Volvo S60.

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