Made to minimize exhaust sounds, the Volvo 760 muffler is actually composed of a series of pipes that bounce off and muffle soundwaves. Driving a car without using a muffler is like actually driving a tractor; you'll likely enjoy extra attention because of the annoying sound your vehicle is making. Since a car with a busted muffler contributes to noise pollution, rules were made about the proper usage of this part.

To prevent getting in trouble with the law and nearby drivers, be sure that your auto's muffler is in top condition. Obvious signs that you really need to purchase a replacement muffler are if your auto is excessively noisy, or if there's a large crack on the muffler. Subtle signs actually include a billowing smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, and a vehicle engine that overheats frequently. For a definite method of finding out what the problem is, examine this part, or have the car inspected by a technician.

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